Entering the interior design landscape can be a daunting prospect, doubts arise; I don’t know how to communicate my style. What is my brand identity? Is it going to be out of my budget? How do I start the planning process?...

Welcome to Juco Interior Design Studio. Designing for hospitality, retail and workplace projects.

I am owner and Interior designer Julia hailing from the UK, now based in Geelong. For over 13 years I have been working alongside various clients from start-ups to international brands. I am passionate about all aspects of design, drawing inspiration from collaborations with landscapers, artisans, builders, graphic designers and brand specialists to provide a comprehensive service to my clients. 

I could go into how awesome I am, how I can move mountains and fulfill your every desire regardless of budget, all whilst delivering your scheme without breaking a sweat. Whilst I do certainly push for perfection, the reality of the design process is often confusing, frustrating and complicated.  I am here to guide you through from start to finish. Refining, prototyping, avoiding the pitfalls and celebrating the big wins, this is what I am here for!

Down to earth, no bullsh*t, no complicated design jargon and above all honesty and transparency at all stages of the build.

Take a look at the process section to give you a complete overview of how each stage looks. I hope you enjoy looking over my portfolio just as much as I enjoyed designing it!


t: +61 413 813 617
i: @juco_studio